Thursday, October 18, 2012

dentist.. dentist

today i have appointment with dentist... dental teaching centre is like my second home.. hehehe..
everytime i want to go there it inspire me to be a good dentist... 

today i learn how to do restoration cavity class 4 which means it involved the proximal surface of anterior teeth n induced removal or loss of incisal angle. for esthetic the anterior teeth we must use composite not amalgam (kan plik tbe2 gg dpn wrna hitam(amalgam) gne composite ye)...  n composite pon byk wrna.. we must choose from the shade guide the same color like the patient tooth...
one important thing the source of light when we want to see the color of the patient teeth is the day light NOT the fluorescene light or bulb...

ni shade guide nyer cri yg wrna yg btul2 sme dgn gg patient

if we have caries or problem in teeth mcm berlubang, sumbing, n lain2.. branch of dentistry which is deal with all this problem is CONSERVATIVE DENTISTRY...

   this is the video how to do the restoration

just watch the above video so xprlulah sy nk critakan mcm mne procedure nk restore gigi tu..
nak jadi doktor bkn mudah.. byk benda kena belajar.. kene teliti btul2.. sbb nnt kte kne deal dgn org bkn nye patung.. so stiap ap yg kita lakukan patient akan tanya.. 

                                       ni light cure p/s jgn tgk light tu x elok unt mata
slh satu alat yg digunakan unt treatment of restoration composite

last but not least pray for my success n insyaallah graduate as a dental officer..
sesungguhnya kita merancang, allah merancang dan Allah lah sebaik-baik perancang (surah ali-imran ayat 54)  smoga kita belajar ni niat ikhlas kerana Allah.. 

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