Sunday, December 29, 2013

Doctor ^_^

top 10 reasons to date a Doctor >_<

 dating dengan doctor ad2 bbrpe kebaikan
jom tgk ap dy :)

1.they are smart...
-they went through a lot of scholing to get where they are at.
- they had  to take sciences and maths that would make the 
average head spin *_* doctor visits
- if u r feeling sick n need some expert advice on ur tummy trouble or 
sprained ankle, 
u can always ask the doctor u r dating (@_@) stability
-one of the fabulous perks of dating a doctor is their bank account ($_$)

4.they listen well
-doctor r train to listen very attentively to what u have to say n 
process what u r telling them (T_T)
dating a female doctor will boost this benefit even more
because of a female is natural caring and attentive nature

5.they are fixers
-doctor r train to fix u.
their job is to solve problem and get everything 
coming back to normal (d_b)

6.can't groos them out
-doctor have seen the worst of worst
ur funky skin rash isn't going to send them running for the hills.
with the gross things they deal with everyday,
it is very hard to surprised them (l_l)

7. they are committed
-all the schooling, studying, training n practicing took a lot of effort
and dedication to complete.
dating a physician has many pros n this is the big one (O_o)

8.interesting conversation
-one of the thing that u can look forward to if u r trying to figure out how to meet
a doctor to date is stimulating the conversation
there's no such thing as "just another day at the office" in the medical field (~_~)

9.they are dependable
-they r often on-call n have to be available at any hour of the day.
u can rest assured that ur doctor will be there for u anytime u need them (+_+)

-love should have nothing to do with titles or salaries ($_$), 
but doctor do come with a pretigous status
doctors r highly respected in society n 
dating one puts u right along side of them



Wednesday, December 25, 2013

christmas tree (o_O)

wanna share 1 video about 
saying ' merry christmas ' in Islam
-allowed or not-

-happy holiday-

Sunday, December 22, 2013

hot chocolate 0_0

jangan jadi seperti pahat dengan penukul
sekali di ketuk sekali buat..

selalu kita tggu org push baru nak buat...
apa kata tukar
selepas ni biar kita yang meng'push' org..
supaya kita xsentiasa berasa kita 
berada di zon selesa..
selalu yakin yang akan ada orang buat
baru kita akan ikut

-huhu jadilah seperti hot chocolate
di musim sejuk..
semua orang sangat tercari-cari kerana 
ingin panaskan badan yang sejuk..
(hehe perumpamaan xberkaitan pun)

sekadar renungan untuk hari ini...

-terfikir sebab perkara yang berlaku hari ini

winterku berapi

Friday, December 20, 2013

nothing to regret

today is an election day
but i can't participate
becoz my name not included 
in the list person that can mengundi

-oh my fault jgk
xcek smlm dyorg pos 
if ad nme slh or trcicir
sy yg xprsn pos dyorg..
hari ni nk g mngundi
mmg dyorg xbg la..

sob3.. xpe la..
hari jumaat yang barakah..
nothing to regret

Sunday, December 15, 2013

what i wanna be?

nothing is easy in this world..
but we must strive to achieve 
what we want
like me i want to be a superb n good dentist
pray for my success fren

everything happens for reasons
Have faith in Allah

no matter during ease or hardship
always turn to the one up there

being a dentist is AWESOME  ♥_
i decide who should wear a CROWN,
i plan BRIDGES like eNgiNeerRS,
i extract ROOT like  MathEmaTiciAns,
 i make people suffer like BankErs,
i am always late like a BRIDE,
but the most fantastic of all is that 
I make people SMILE =)
more like CloWNs
laugh to show those beautiful teeth
that i've made :)
i dont make the world turn round




Friday, December 13, 2013

Snow.. Snow


opposite my house

its snowy in irbid..
 it almost 11months since 
last time snow in irbid 
which is in jan 2013

from my room window

feel very cold
but when i see snow
lupa dah sejuk
terus tarik windbreaker, sarung boot, pkai gloves
naik sutuh n snap pic 
buat snowman, main snowball

ni gmbr google >_<

-ok stop cerita excited main snow

now nk crita sronok n xsronok nye musim sejuk
1)yang best mst la dpt main snow (yg most people sgt suka)
xbest nyer sgt sejuk.. smpai merah2 n bengkak jari2 

snowman comel je tgn dh beku

2) malamnya panjang siangnya pendek..
so sangat best unt puasa di siang hari n beribadat di mlm nya
sejuknya nk ambil wuduk n kdg2 xsmpai hati nak kluar dri hirom 
yg menghempap dri seberat 8kilo tu
(mujahadah kena tggi)

3)xperlu mandi selalu
jimat air ^_^
kulit kering (kena rajin pakai lotion)

mcm2 lgi pro n cons nyer winter ni
#xlarat nak tulis sejuk sgt..

me yg excited

main kt sutuh je nk trun bwh mls >_<

Thursday, December 12, 2013

i'm sorry

diri ini insan yang kerdil,
ingin menghulurkan bantuan,
sehabis boleh,
tetapi ter'stuck',
kerana kudrat yang terhad,

jika anda memahami
maksud diri ini,
rasa bersalah teramat,
tidak dapat membantumu sehabis baik
diri ini sangat menyayangimu,
dah mengganggapmu ibuku di bumi anbiya,

 jika diberi kesempatan,
ingin ku pelukmu sekali lagi,
dan ingin membantumu,
dikala mu perlukan bantuan...

#im so sorry
minta maaf sangat2 xbyk membntu....
(rasa sangat bersalah)
esok sy akn g ziarah ye..


i love u like u are my mother here
miss u