Sunday, December 29, 2013

Doctor ^_^

top 10 reasons to date a Doctor >_<

 dating dengan doctor ad2 bbrpe kebaikan
jom tgk ap dy :)

1.they are smart...
-they went through a lot of scholing to get where they are at.
- they had  to take sciences and maths that would make the 
average head spin *_* doctor visits
- if u r feeling sick n need some expert advice on ur tummy trouble or 
sprained ankle, 
u can always ask the doctor u r dating (@_@) stability
-one of the fabulous perks of dating a doctor is their bank account ($_$)

4.they listen well
-doctor r train to listen very attentively to what u have to say n 
process what u r telling them (T_T)
dating a female doctor will boost this benefit even more
because of a female is natural caring and attentive nature

5.they are fixers
-doctor r train to fix u.
their job is to solve problem and get everything 
coming back to normal (d_b)

6.can't groos them out
-doctor have seen the worst of worst
ur funky skin rash isn't going to send them running for the hills.
with the gross things they deal with everyday,
it is very hard to surprised them (l_l)

7. they are committed
-all the schooling, studying, training n practicing took a lot of effort
and dedication to complete.
dating a physician has many pros n this is the big one (O_o)

8.interesting conversation
-one of the thing that u can look forward to if u r trying to figure out how to meet
a doctor to date is stimulating the conversation
there's no such thing as "just another day at the office" in the medical field (~_~)

9.they are dependable
-they r often on-call n have to be available at any hour of the day.
u can rest assured that ur doctor will be there for u anytime u need them (+_+)

-love should have nothing to do with titles or salaries ($_$), 
but doctor do come with a pretigous status
doctors r highly respected in society n 
dating one puts u right along side of them



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  1. sama2,
    ME akan buat sehabis mungkin untuk semua pembaca karya yang diilhamkan kepada ME,
    doakan ME dapat kembali aktif seperti sebelum ini..

    tq kak lyna, sebab sudi menyokong karya ME